Thousands of Minnesota dog owners are in possession of a rabies certificate that states 2-year duration.

These owners may end up paying for extra office visits and vaccinations over the course of their dog's life.

THERE IS NO RABIES VACCINE LICENSED IN THE UNITED STATES THAT HAS A 2-YEAR DURATION OF IMMUNITY... There are only 1-year and 3-year duration rabies vaccines for dogs. There is no scientific evidence proving the administration of the rabies vaccine given more often than 3-Years enhances protection after the initial series. It may even increase the potential risk of an adverse event.

The Minnesota Board of Animal Health
recently announced that any owner in possession of 2-year certificate can have it changed to correctly read 3-year duration *The Board of Animal Health site linked here (click link) is viewed mostly by veterinarians, so consumers might not be aware they can have rabies certificates corrected.

If your city requires rabies vaccination "must be given every 2-years" please educate the city by giving this information to the city clerk to update the city code/ordinances. Be sure not to confuse a city license renewal expiration date with rabies vaccine duration. The following is letter written by the MN Board of Animal Health and MN Board of Veterinarian Medicine alerting all cities there are no 2-year rabies vaccines licensed in the United States. (link)

If your vet declines to change the 2-year certificate to a 3-year certificate please call Dr Wilson at the MN Board of Veterinary Medicine, Phone (651) 201-2844.

For more information about rabies vaccine protocols, rabies, informed consent/disclosure, veterinary professional practice laws, upcoming MN rabies legislation, please bookmark this site.

Please share this information with all dog owners! PLEASE VACCINATE WISELY!

For information on over vaccination visit the site

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